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Therapy Ball


Fencing is a sport that many people haven't experienced, but when they experience it, they fall in love with it. Fencing is a well-rounded sport that enhances reaction times, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular conditioning. There are many other benefits too, including:

- Develop the ability to read others' body language

- Learn how to keep calm in stressful situations

- Enhance the ability to make decisions quickly

Boxing Gloves


Dodgeball is a popular sport with children and adults of all ages and its not hard to see why. Dodgeball is fast-paced, fun and requires a combination of physical skill, strategy and team work. Here are some of the main benefits of dodgeball:

- Physical fitness

- Teamwork and social skills

- Emotional regulation

- Confidence and Fair play

- Inclusivity

Fencing at School


Boxercise is an enjoyable way to do fitness whilst learning new skills of a sport in particular. It is a fitness form of learn through play. Boxercise is based on training boxers typically use to keep fit, which includes boxing movements, typically in a circuit and other fun types of workouts. There are many physical benefits which include:

- Great for Cardiovascular conditioning

- Better body control and strength

- Improved coordination

As well as the mental/emotional benefits:

- Improved confidence

- Reduced stress and anxiety 

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